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- A place were heroes are born, and legends are made...

A Place Were Heroes Are Born, And Legends Are Made
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This section is to inform you about the leveling attribute of The Sacred Grove

Every time you battle you get experience, the experience points are used to gain levels, which in turn allow you to gain better stats.

Experience Points
- Experience points are added to your Heroes Skills when you defeat another user in battle or you complete a quest with experience points as a quest reward.
- When you defeat a user, you will receive 100x their level in points.
-- When you win a battle PM your sage to have them add the EXP to your stats.
- Your EXP points bar's max EXP, will be 1000x your level (meaning you have to earn 100x your level in experience before you level up)

- When you gain the specified EXP, then you will gain a level. You will now have the options to choose one of four stat upgrades.

Health Upgrade
-This increases your Max Health by 10 points

Weapon Upgrade
- This increases the amount of damage your weapon does by 5

Magic Upgrade
- This increases the amount of times you can use a magic attack. (These attacks do the same amount of damage as your weapon)

Agility Training
- This will boost your Evades by 1 and your Blocks/Counters by .5

-When you have chosen a stat upgrade, PM your sage to have it added to your stats.

-Sages, PM your Admin (currently Zakku) for stats update. Don't edit your own stats!, remember, we are watching you! Glare

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