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 Zakku "Twilight Prince" Osla

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PostSubject: Zakku "Twilight Prince" Osla   Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:07 am

Zakku "Twilight Prince" Osla

Full Name - Zakku Raven Osla

Title/Nickname - Twilight Prince/Zak

Gender - Male

Race - Twili, the people of the Twilight Realm

Job/Occupation - Zakku was born into the Twilight Realms royal family, and thusly, was destined to be a prince from his day of birth.

Appearance - Zakku has medium length hair. Bright red in color, like the rest of the Twili race. His eyes are pupil-less, with a deep green hue. His eyes are child like in appearance but beneath the humorous smile and good naturtured spirit, Zakku's eyes show a side of extreme pain and loss, and it is easy to tell that he is deeply troubled. He wears a the traditional Twili robe (similar to Minda's). and He has a lose sash around his waste wear he stores his two katanas safely in their sheath.

Personality - He is good natured and friendly, yet he seems to be troubled. He gets along with everybody and always seems to have something in common with everyone he meets. He has a very protective nature and holds his friends close, because he is afraid of something happening to them. He is overly trusting and some take advantage of that.

Weapon - Zakku carries the Twilight Sword, foraged by Ganondorf himself, for Zant. it has been passed down in the twili royal family, and now he is its inheriter. It is large and bulky, but is surprisingly light, its covered in glowing Twili markings, that work in sync with the ancient markings on his arms. The sword's markings will glow red when Zakku's life is threatened, increasing its bond with Zakku, and allowing him to handle the sword better.

Other - Zakku always has a golden necklace entangled in his fingers, while the pendant dangles down. The pendent is a red gem, encased in a golden frame. This necklace seems to be the drive behind Zakku's ambition. Noone knows who or what the necklace belonged to, but some speculate that it may have been a lost love, or close friend...

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Zakku "Twilight Prince" Osla
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