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 TSG War Draft

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PostSubject: TSG War Draft   TSG War Draft EmptyFri Jan 08, 2010 10:46 am

War Draft

Objective: Take over 2 towns and overrun the capital of another Region

Article I
- For a war to start one sage will pm another sage and say they are going to war with them then say the first town they are attacking.
- 2 towns must be taken over before the capital can be attacked. If you just take over the second town and your opponent attacks it and takes it back before you can attack the Capital you may still Attack the Capital but if you fail you must retake that second town before you can attack the Capital again.
- The sage who received the message about being attacked will pick the next battle and become the attacker They can either attack the place that was just attacked (but only if it was taken over) or any other town in their opponents region.
- If your Capital is taken over by the enemy region then your region becomes obedient to its conqueror.

Article II
- For a battle to start The Attacking Sage must PM the defending Sage the place they are attacking then each Sage must make a sticky in their region calling for combatants to fight in that area. That sticky will be locked as soon as 3 eligible fighters say they will fight.
-In the “War” Topic in the region your fighting against there will be all the cities. Click the city the next battle is taking place and Both Sages will post the fighters fighting in that Area.
- Defender Fighters May choose who They Fight. They do this by making a thread that looks like this: Defender Username vs. Attacker Username then put in the place the battle is Taking place.
- If two fighters pick the same person then the thread made second will be deleted and that fighter will have to pick a new person. If you don’t care who you fight just pick 1 of the 3 randomly.
- If you Die in an Area you may not fight there again for the rest of the war. You die by losing a fight.

Article III
- Your Region may become allied with Another Region. This will happen when your Sage asks or is asked by another sage through a PM to become allied with them if the other sage or your sage says yes those two Regions are allied and this relationship must be posted in the “Regional Relations” Area
- If your Region is Allied with another Region and that other Region has a sticky needing fighters your Region’s fighters may fight for them. If your Region is allied with two regions that are at war and your region is going to help them It must pick who to fight for. But if it is not going to fight for either of them then your Region doesn’t have to pick who to fight for.
- If your Region is not at war, allied or wasn’t declared an enemy, or your region hasn’t declared the other Region as an enemy then your Region is neutral with the other.
- Your Region can declare or be declared an enemy without going to war. It pretty much is the same as being neutral just instead of the title of neutral you have the title of enemy to them and they have the title of enemy to you.
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TSG War Draft
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