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 Accepted Races

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Races List

This is what the accepted races currently are right now at TSG. If the race you wish to use is not listed here, PM either me or Raiko-kun, to have your race approved. Note that your race doesn't have to be region specific either. For example, if you made a Goron character, you do not have to join the Fire Region, in fact we encourage you to be different and create unique characters.

Common Races

Fairy – Fairies are found throughout all Zelda games. They are the helpers of Link and Zelda. Whether it be as healers, companions, or magic-givers,fairies are always here for our Hylian hero. Some notable fairies are Navi, Tatl, Tael, and the spirits of Power, Courage, and Wisdom.

Great Fairies- Great Fairies are the leaders of the fairies, and considerable larger than normal fairies. Though humanoid, they have changed form many times in the course of the series, differing from women clad only in ivy, to multi-armed, blue skinned creatures with no feet. But whatever form they take, Fairies are almost always on your side, and will help Link on his quest.

Gerudo – The Gerudo are a race of female warriors. Whether they be inhabiting a large fortress at the entrance to the desert, or manning a base in Great Bay, they are thieves and outlaws. One Gerudo male is born every 100 years, and is designated by their law to be their king. The most recent male was the king of Evil himself, Ganondorf. In Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, Gerudo had been known to venture into Castle/Clock Town in search of boyfriends. They have round ears, which leads people to believe that they are Humans.

Goron – The Gorons have existed in Hyrule for many years. They are a race of Rock-eating humanoids with rocks growing out of their back, brown skin, and a tendency to curl up when frightened. This ability to curl also acts as a speedy means of transportation, and an attack method. Gorons are one of the three races Link can become in Majoras Mask. They are few in numbers by the time of the Minish Cap, and by Wind Waker, they are extinct.

Hylian – The most well known of the races in Hyrule, the Hylians inhabit multiple settlements around Hyrule such as Castle Town, Lon Lon Ranch, Kakariko Village (OoT), Clock Town, and Romani Ranch (MM) and other assorted places. In later games, they are seen as a mythical race with deep connections to the Goddesses. Link and Zelda are both Hylian in all games, though they are not always referred to as such. Hylians have pointy ears, and can use magic.

Kokiri – The Kokiri are a race of perpetual children who reside in the Kokiri Forest, under the care of the Great Deku Tree. They play a major role in the game Ocarina of Time, as the Kokiri are the ones who raise Link. They all are accompanied by a fairy guardian. A Kokiri appears in The Wind Waker as a ghost, and the Korok are the Kokiri transformed.

Korok – The Korok are a race of little tree people who have the ability to fly using leaves. Found in Forest Haven, they leave their home once a year to go plant Deku Sprouts all over the islands of Hyrule. They, like the Kokiri, are under the care of the Great Deku Tree, Most likely the Deku Sprout from the later part of Ocarina of Time. They used to be the Kokiri, but between Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker, their bodies became wooden. Makar, a Korok, is the Sage of Wind.

Lokomo – The Lokomo are an ancient race that reside in New Hyrule. They guard the Spirit Tracks, and all have names referring to trains (i.e. Anjean, Steem). Each Lokomo has a Sacred Instrument which, when played with the Spirit Flute makes a portion of the Spirit Tracks reappear. They predate the Hylians in New Hyrule.

Minish (Picori) – The Minish are a race of very small forest dwellers, known for the creation of the Picori Blade. They are honored annually through the Picori Festival in Hyrule. Outside of their own species, they are known as Picori. They live everywhere, from the forest, to the town, to the mountains. They are the ones that place the items in pots and under rocks which Link finds in his adventures. They delight in making Humans happy, and bestow many gifts upon them. Their first gift was the Picori blade, and the second was the light force. Vaati the wind mage was once a Minish.

Oocca – The Oocca are a bird-like people who live in the City in the Sky. They are an old race, with rich history and culture. Some are able to speak Hylian, but their own language is incredibly harsh, as it is mostly squawking. According to some, the Oocca are the race most similar to the gods. They appear only in Twilight Princess.

Rito – The Rito are a tribe of birdmen who inhabit Dragon Roost Island in The Wind Waker. They often serve in the role of Mailmen due to their ability to fly. However they are a tribe in their own right. Rito hold flying races on an island to the east of Dragon Roost Island. They hold the dragon Valoo as their benefactor, and being trained as his translator is a huge honour among them. Many believe the Rito to be descendents of the Zora. Medli, a Rito girl, and the translator for Valoo, is the Sage of Earth.

Sheikah – The Sheikah are a shadowy people, who are known to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule. Kakariko Village is said to have been founded by the Sheikah, and in Ocarina of Time there is a graveyard of Sheikah in Kakariko. The only known Sheikah is Impa, Princess Zelda’s guardian, who was first introduced in Adventure of Link, appearing again in Ocarina of Time. Impa is the leader of Kakariko Village, further strengthening the theory of Kakariko’s founding. In Ocarina of Time, Zelda posed as Sheik, a Sheikah male. However, as Sheik is simply Princess Zelda in disguise, he is not a true Sheikah.

Subrosian – Subrosians are a cloaked race who inhabit the world of Subrosia. Not much is known about this secretive race.

Tokay – The Tokay are a race of green, lizard-like creatures introduced in Oracle of Ages. They live off the coast of Labrynna, in caves on an island called Crescent Island. They are a bipedal race with a bartering economy. Their intelligence is questionable, though it may just be that they live exceedingly simple lives compared to Hylians and other “advanced” races of Hyrule.

Twili – The Twili are the ones who inhabit the Twilight Realm, and for the most part, they all turned into monsters under Zant’s rule. The only Twili who have not become monsters are Midna and Zant. Originally they inhabited Hyrule, but eventually were driven into the Twilight Realm. They are thought by some to be the Gerudo, as they are “Convicts”.

Zora – The Zora originally, in the Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, and A Link to the Past, were malign baddies (called “River Zora” now). However, in Ocarina of Time, they took on a more benign role. They reside in Zora’s Domain and are ruled over by King Zora. They are often an integral part of Link’s adventures through Hyrule. They are fish-people with fins and gills, though they are humanoid. They are one of the three races Link can turn in to in Majoras Mask

Zuna – The Zuna are a friendly, tribal race introduced in Four Swords Adventures. They have characteristic green skin, wearing turbans and long, flowing robes. They live in huts in the desert. They have a gambling shop in their settlement.

Yook – The Yooks are large, yeti-like creatures who inhabit the Isle of Frost. Due to a peace agreement with the Anouki, they occupy the eastern half of the island. Their weapon of choice is the club. After beating the Temple of Ice in Phantom Hourglass, the Yook become much friendlier to Link.

Other Races

- No ideas? Choose one of these!

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