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 Ryo "The White Flash" Yashio

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PostSubject: Ryo "The White Flash" Yashio   Ryo "The White Flash" Yashio EmptyFri Jan 08, 2010 6:49 pm

Full name: Ryo Yashio

Alias: The White Flash

Gender: Male

Race: Goron

Job/Occupation: CageFighter

Appearance: same as in sig but with out the backpack n MMA gloves on.

Weapon: MMA gloves with a bendable metal, coating the padding n a knife attached to the metal that juts out from back of hand. That knife is 5 inches long.

Other Equipment: A retractable double edged sword 2.5 inches from the end are 4 prongs that are all double edged n 2 prongs in the middle that are double edged. The sword from hilt to end is 3.5ft long the prongs are 6 inches long the blade itself is white and the part between the handle that u grab and the blade is black n so is the little part at the bottom of the handle.

Magic: A shcokwave comes out of the blades on the MMA gloves that does damage equal to the amount in your "damage" stat when it hits and for each turn you hold your Opponent. when it hits it wraps around the opponent n holds them for 2 of the users turns after the turn it was used.

Picture: Ryo "The White Flash" Yashio 250px-Goron_Merchant_Wind_Waker
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Ryo "The White Flash" Yashio
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