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A Place Were Heroes Are Born, And Legends Are Made
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 Ureshii Aoikira~

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PostSubject: Ureshii Aoikira~   Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:14 pm

Full Name - Ureshii Aoikira

Alias/Nickname - Reshii/Rii

Gender - Female~

Race - Great Fairy

Job/Occupation - Being...a Great Fairy? ^_^;;

Appearance/Personality - Ureshii has dark blue hair, and brown eyes. She stands at 5"2 feet. She's usually energetic, and daring, but if she is troubled or tired, she is almost the exact opposite. She'd be lazy, mopish, and sometimes unresponsive.

Weapon - Fairy Bow~

Other/Equipment - Fairy Slingshot(Shocker xD)
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Ureshii Aoikira~
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