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 Battle System

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PostSubject: Battle System   Battle System EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 4:08 pm

Battle System

Ok The battle system…for this explanation of the battle system we’ll start with your stats.

Stats will be posted at the beginning of each post and will consist of


And it will be set up just like that

Your health is how much life you have before you die.

Damage is how many health points you take away from your opponents Health.

Weapon is what weapon you are using in the battle.

Magic is how many times you can attack using your magic.

Evades are how many times you can dodge an attack

Blocks are how many times you can stop an attack from hitting you. They also make it so you can use a counter.

A counter is an attack used after a block. It can not be evaded or blocked itself.

After you put up your stats you can now RP

When you Rp use * to show action if you type something without them that is what your character is saying at the end of your Rp if you absolutely have to say something to your opponent out of character use parentheses.

So for example:

I like Cows!! *throws knife into cow*

(do you like cows?)

It would look something like that

When ur battling there are a few steps you must take and they MUST be done in this order…


Say everything your evading
Then everything your blocking
Then counter everything u blocked if your going to
Then attack with your weapons or magic it doesn’t matter what order

Step 1
Say everything your Evading

This step is optional because u don’t have to evade if you don’t want to if you do you lose 1 on ur evades counter in your stats but it prevents any damage you get from one attack.

Step 2
Say Everything you Blocking

This step is also optional and also prevents damage from one attack but allows you to use Counters which remember can’t be blocked or evaded.

Step 3
Counter what you blocked

This step is again Optional you do not have to counter something you have blocked though it is recommended. Again counters can’t be blocked or Evaded.

Step 4
Attack with your weapons and Magic

Ok when attacking you can with weapons first or magic first it doesn’t matter when Attacking with Weapons your fists are considered a weapon so you Either attack with ur fists or your weapon. Also Lets ssay ur Damage is 5 each slash of your sword or each punch or kick you throw does not do 5 damage each It does five damage Altogether so 1 slash = 100 slashes or 1 punch = 100 punches. Every thing is the same for magic but you have limited magic attacks. If a magic attack says the ooponent is held, and you get caught in it, you can not evade, block, or attack in anyway until the amount of turns for you being held are up. Ex. If the attack holds you for 2 turns after use then you can not block, evade, or attack in anyway for those 2 turns. Also make a marker Somewhere in your post saying how many truns are left for the magic atack if it is doing something for so many turns.

Now one last thing
There is Absolutely NO GODMODDING

Godmodding is controlling your opponents actions and/or making it so nothing conhit your, your invincible.

And I believe that is it I you have any questions or there is something we forgot to include or something just wasn’t explained well PM me or Zakku Please and Thank you.
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Battle System
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