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 Charater Creation

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PostSubject: Charater Creation   Charater Creation EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 5:11 pm

Basic Guidelines for Your Character

Your character will be the character you battle and RP with, therefore your character needs a character sheet. Once you come up with a character you must post it in the "Characters" forum under the "For New Heroes" category.

Full Name - Cointains the full length name of your hero.
Ex. Zakku "Raven" Osla

Alias/Nickname - Your characters title or nickname
Ex. Zakku -> Zak

Gender - Pretty self explanatory here... List your hero's gender.

Race - Pick a pre-selected race from the list of races found the RPG rules. If you want to have another race that is not been specified PM your Sage or myself or Raiko-kun, then await approval before continuing.

Job/Occupation - No matter what race you are, everybody does something to occupy there day and make a living.

Appearance/Personality - What do the look like? What do they were? What do the act like? You may find it easier to start from the top and work your way down. (Hair, face, clothes, ect)

Weapon - List your heroes weapon of choice, this may be changed anytime, but the stats for damage dealt always stay the same.

Magic - You can create a magical ability for your character to use.
This ability can have an effect, for example, it can prevent your opponent from moving for a turn. I personaly do not care what the effect is, so be creative! Just don't put anything TOO crazy!

Other/Equipment - Small objects that you character carries around, keepsakes, bottles, trinkets, ect.

Picture - You should provide some sort of picture of your character, this is optional however.

A link to your characters page is required be posted in your signature, if you plan on RPing.

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Character link ->
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Charater Creation
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