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 Regional Subtitles

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PostSubject: Regional Subtitles   Regional Subtitles EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 5:38 pm

Regional Subtitles

Next to your region's forums, you may notice some subtitles in parenthesis (), they simply mean:

Capital - This is your region's capital town/area and this is where your Sage will post all of the announcements and updates. If this area is taken in war, then your region will be controlled by the region that defeated you.

Chat - Are for you to post what ever you want to within your region

Quests - This is the area that your Sage posts quests for your region. If you successfully complete the quest, PM your Sage and tell them what quest you completed so that they can give you your reward

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Regional Subtitles Anime-guy
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Regional Subtitles
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